So every time I share this gallery on

social media, I get a huge wave of followers and likes/shares. I think a big reason why, is because this is such a true testament to our style and to Kylie and Caleb's personalities.

We LOVE (emphasis on love) photographing couples who are willing to get creative with us and step outside of their comfort zone. I didn't totally plan on asking Kylie and Caleb to get IN to Lake Michigan.. but I'm so happy they were down to be adventurous and do it! Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable with your photographer, get some really great photos for your keepsakes, and for your photographer to learn how you prefer to be photographed. There are so many different types of engagement sessions: elegant and classic, fun and adventurous, wooded and whimsical. Choosing a location, time of day, and style that matches your personalities is so important. When you schedule your engagement session, we'll chat about what your dream session looks like and make it come true!

I can't wait to photograph Kylie & Caleb's wedding in July. It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL celebration!