Hybrid Wedding Photographers

What are we?!

We're a team of photographers who are also dual trained in wedding videography.. offering packages that contain both photography and videography services from one business!

When Michael and I got married, I had no idea that hybrid companies existed. We knew we wanted a photographer, but videography was a whole different world we weren't sure how to dip our toes into. Mainly because in Kalamazoo, we couldn't find a company that offered videography in our photo budget. Choosing to work with two companies separately was going to be expensive, harder to manage, and more to keep up with!

Fast forward to our second year in the wedding industry and we see a void. A huge one, where couples are searching and scouring the internet for not only one media company for their day, but two. Often we would see brides posting online asking "ISO a wedding photographer AND videographer" gaining a huge list of companies that offer one or the other service. There are so many talented photographers and videographers in our state, however working with two separate companies can be time consuming and pricey.

We learned quickly that couples don't want to miss a moment, and having a still version of the day is beautiful, timeless, and classic - but having a motion picture of the day is a whole different world of memory.

After educating ourselves and learning the ins and outs of wedding videography, we took our business from just photo.. to photo and video. Saving our couples money and time, when choosing to book both services with us! Taking our business from photo to photo and video made wedding photography/videography our full time careers!

How do we do it?!

Shooting both photography and videography was a learning curve, don't get me wrong! We learned through many different types of gear, the best way to offer high quality 4K cinematic films to our clients through education and accumulation of the best hybrid gear available to us!

As dual trained photographers, we toggle between photo and video with each of us having a main focus (photography or videography) for the big moments! We pose, prompt, and style our photos the same, and catch as much candid magic as we can on video!

With stand alone equipment, we are able to capture full length footage as well as our creative video!

What's the benefits?

Choosing a hybrid team will give you a consistent photo gallery and video, with the same coloring and style. Working with one team gives you the peace of mind that your vendors work well together, with solid communication and training - keeping hiccups away!

Our team has worked together countless times (Over 100 weddings!) with a solid workflow that works well for both types of services!

Where some couples may be searching for a cinematic film team who specialize in full length feature films, most brides and grooms are searching for a cost effective way to have their day photographed and recorded in a highlight film style. A highlight film showcases small clips from the best moments throughout the day, featuring real audio and cinematic music. This is the most watched, favorited style of today's modern couples. Giving couples an easy way to share their day with friends and family through the internet and social media. Our videos are delivered in the same online gallery as your photos, giving you less links to hold on to and easily downloadable right to your computer and phone!

These are just the top benefits of a working with a hybrid team! If you are searching for both services for your wedding day, reach out to us! We would be happy to chat more with you about what a hybrid package looks like & costs! Take a peek below at Hailey & Alex's sneak peeks and film trailer!